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Prison Gang Game is an exciting and challenging board game that uses QR codes to interact with your smart phone. You will face off against real convicted felons as you compete with other players to win the game.

The goal: Serve your time, finish first and don’t get killed.

Unlike traditional board games, you can print this game out on a sheet of paper. Every month we publish a new game. Plus, you can play this game anywhere, any time. All you’ll need in order to play is a smart phone, an app that allows you to read QR codes, a pen/pencil and a coin (for guessing heads or tails). Play by yourself or with other players.

Sign up and become a member and you’ll be able to download the game board and other components that go with this game. Prison Gang Game has mature material that is intended for adults. Members must be 18 years or older in order to play.



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